India’s is in the midst of a social enterprise revolution. Billionbulbs seeks to pen stories of social enterprises (socents) and entrepreneurs from this industry. The post-liberalization story of the trickle down economy has not played out. Instead we have a thin super-rich millionaire and billionaire club and a scrawny middle-class of 350 million, leaving more than 700 million at the bottom of the table feeding off the scraps. The government can outdo itself with public spending and private enterprises try to be more ‘inclusive’ in their growth strategies, but the truth is that there is no time for business as usual. Social entrepreneurship, which applies for-profit business principles to produce goods and services, that promise a social ad environmental impact could be a possible solution.

There’s also the question of the various issues to be addressed to ensure the success of social entrepreneurship; like the role of government, new taxation rules for socents and social VCs , investor friendly rules for impact investing, nurturing mentors, developing venture philanthropy and the need for a separate exchange to list social enterprises to name just a few.

While Billionbulbs is keen for social entrepreneurship to succeed, it will use an honest lens, and address issues and controversies objectively, with an independent voice.

Billionbulbs is about the role that social entrepreneurship can play in sparking the lives and livelihoods of a billion plus Indians.

May a billion bulbs bloom!